• We are a charity – a private, non-profit organization that meets a specialized need in our community. 
  • We are not mandated to take in pets; rather, we do because we want to ensure a safe, humane haven for animals that have no other place to go.
  • We do not receive any government funding or tax revenue.
  • We RELY on donations and nominal fees, such as our intake fee, to care for approximately the animals we take in.
  • Ask yourself: If we were not available to take in the pet you can no longer care for, what would you do?


  • Adult Dog that is Spayed/Neutered (5 months and up) - $50.00
  • Adult Dog that is not spayed/neutered (5 months and up) - $75.00
  • Puppy (4 months and under) - $20.00
  • Adult cat (5 months and up) - $30.00
  • Kitten (4 months and under) - $10.00


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